Dog Drags Water Sprinkler Inside To Cool Off

Cara Wohr / Facebook

In Texas, it can get hotter than the devil’s den sometimes and for one happy go lucky puppy, well, he just couldn’t take it anymore.

Cara Wohr / Facebook

Baloo, from Lake Dallas, is an adventurous boy who likes to roam around outside in the summertime but on this particular day, it was just way too hot, so he strategized a brilliant plan.

Inside the home was a cool air conditioner which he used to cool off from time. There was a doggy door on the house he could conveniently enter to get a quick cool down and then head back out. So he knew he had that in his arsenal.

Baloo also had a water sprinkler that was kept outside in the front yard to water the grass, but he liked to use it as a cold shower to cool off in.

I guess this specific day was just one of those extremely hot days because Baloo dragged the sprinkler inside the house, through the doggie door, and was having a slip-n-slide water party in the living room.

Cara Wohr, Baloo’s owner walked into the living room after hearing all the commotion and took a picture of the partygoer in action. This happened on July 18th, 2018. Take a look at the picture below!

More Pictures Of The Dog & Sprinkler In The Video Below