Dill Pickle Ice Cream Exists & Can Be Made At Home

Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. / Instagram

The Classic Craving Is Real

If you always thought that ice cream flavors like pistachio and espresso were adventurous, you better brace yourself, because there’s a new unusual ice cream flavor in town. And it’s something that you’ll either find downright delicious or absolutely awful.

Have you ever heard of a pregnant woman craving pickles and ice cream? Many people have always assumed this is just a joke or a TV cliche, but it’s actually a real thing.

D.O. Patrick Nemecheck published an article in 2011 explaining why women tend to crave salty snacks like pickles and sweet treats like ice cream during pregnancy. As Nemecheck wrote, “What happens during a woman’s pregnancy is that her brain learns on a subconscious level that there are two kinds of foods that will temporarily improve blood flow to our brain, salt and carbohydrates.”

He goes on to explain the reason why pickles and ice cream are the perfect foods to fulfill the brain’s desire for improved blood flow:

It is for these reasons that pregnant women crave pickles (salty food) or ice cream (sweet carbohydrate food). The result is improved blood flow to their brain. Improved blood flow reverses many of the symptoms the women were having, thus causing the women to feel better.

Where You Can Find Pickles & Ice Cream In One Dish

But you don’t have to be pregnant (or even be a woman) to feel the rush from eating pickles and ice cream together. That sweet and salty flavor combination is something that many find irresistible.

If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck, because now you no longer have to eat your pickles and ice cream separately. They’ve been combined into one frozen treat that will take your tastebuds on a spin!

This special dessert was born out of the mind of pickle-loving restaurant founder Jacob Hadjigeorgis. After becoming known in New York for his handmade pickles, Hadjigeorgis decided to incorporate his signature snack into everyone’s favorite dessert.

How To Make It Yourself

The result is his pickle ice cream, which you used to be able to find at a place in Manhattan called the Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. Sadly, the Lucky Pickle has closed, but you can also make your own pickle ice cream at home…and it’s actually quite easy!

In order to recreate Hadjigeorgis’ pickle ice cream, all you have to do is make lemon gelato, substitute cucumber juice for the lemon juice, and substitute grated pickles in place of grated lemon.

Learn more about the Lucky Pickle’s iconic dessert by watching the video below!

Would you be willing to try pickle ice cream? Let us know your thoughts!