Did You Know That Reba McEntire’s Three Siblings Are Also Singers?

Instagram/Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire has made a name for herself as a country music icon, but did you know that her three siblings, Susie, Pake, and Alice, are also talented singers?

Meet Reba’s 3 Siblings

Instagram/Reba McEntire

The McEntire family’s musical roots run deep, thanks to their mother Jaqueline, who instilled a love for singing in all four of her children from a very young age.

After years of performing together at rodeos and small events, the McEntire siblings ended up becoming a popular singing group within their small town. Eventually, after performing together for many years, Reba started to gain her own fame in the 80’s. Throughout her rising success, Susie and Pake followed closely behind to sing backup for her until they ventured out to start their own solo music careers a few years later.

The McEntire Siblings Forge Their Own Paths

Each sibling ended up creating their own paths, becoming successful in their own unique ways. While the McEntire family had a strong connection to country music, Susie chose to follow her own musical journey into the realm of Christian music. Throughout her solo career, she has released over a dozen albums, achieving notable success with four No. 1 singles on the Positive Country radio charts, according to PEOPLE.

Pake, on the other hand, first pursued a career in music before shifting his focus to rodeo roping, a sport that the entire McEntire family dedicated a significant amount of time to learning and perfecting. He ended up finding great success in the sport, becoming a multi-time roping champion.

As for Alice, she opted for a more private lifestyle away from the spotlight after performing alongside her siblings. Working many years as a social worker, she found herself eventually stepping into the role of county director for the Department of Human Services in Atoka, Oklahoma.

Instagram/Reba McEntire

Despite pursuing different paths, the McEntire siblings’ shared upbringing and love for music created a powerful bond between them. Each found their unique path in life and career, yet remained connected by their common roots and shared passion.

Listen to Reba and Susie McEntire sing together below.