Delivery Driver Goes Viral After Showing Respect For American Flag

WNEM TV5 / Youtube

A video has been circulating online recently, showcasing a heartwarming moment between an Amazon delivery driver and a military family in Saginaw, Michigan.

The footage captures the driver as he goes beyond his job description to fix an American flag that had gotten tangled around its pole near the porch of the home he was delivering to.

Jenni and Tom Dexter, the homeowners and a military family, were moved by the driver’s act of kindness. The driver not only fixed the flag with care, but also saluted it as a sign of respect. The Dexters were so touched by the gesture that they were brought to tears.

WNEM TV5 / Youtube

They were so touched that they shared the video on social media to “put something positive out there” and commend the driver for his respect and honor towards the American flag.

Jenni was also able to later identify the driver as Delawrence Jones and reached out to him through social media to thank him for his kindness. Jones responded by saying that he was simply showing respect and honor to the American flag

“Well, it was me being me, showing respect and honor to the American flag,” Jones said, according to Midland Daily News. “No matter what is going on in our country, I firmly believe that we should still have pride in the greatest country on earth. That side of me, I will never let go.”

Despite it not being a part of his job duties, Jones went out of his way to show respect to the flag, the Dexters, and America. It’s moments like these that remind us of the goodness and kindness that can exist in the world, even in seemingly small acts.

The video has many praising the driver for his respectful and considerate behavior.

Watch Footage Of The Heartwarming Moment Below