Deer Stumbles Into Supermarket & Leaps Over Meat Counter

Facebook / Von Mia

A mother and her two kids were shopping at their local Kroger supermarket on February 15th, 2020, when they spotted an unusual visitor running through the butcher block section.

Von Mia told CNN that while she was waiting for her order from the meat counter when she first spotted the animal on the loose.

“I saw a huge deer run frantically toward me, at first I thought it was a German Shepard, so I pushed my kids out of the way but soon realized it was a deer!”

In a series of photos and a video she shared to Facebook, Von showed the deer running at a blistering pace through the aisles after taking a nose-diver over the top of the seafood counter.

It all went down at the local Kroger in Zionsville, Indiana (a suburb of Chicago).

“She was very scared,” Von said in her post. “She was hurt from jumping over the meat/seafood glass counter [and] hitting the scale. Her nose was bleeding.”

A Kroger spokesperson also spoke about the incident to CNN, saying that the store did, in fact, have a special visitor who apparently just walked right in the front door!

“I hope, in her time near the meat case, the deer noticed our expanded selection of plant-based protein products,” the spokesperson added.

Police and store staffers did try to contain the deer so that she could be looked over and released back into the wild away from the dangers of the city.

See Von’s full post below!