Deana Carter Mourns Death Of Father-In-Law

Deana Carter - it's Dee-na / Facebook

Deana Carter announced on social media on July 22, 2020, that her family laid to rest her father-in-law, Bill McPhail.

She wrote in a post on Facebook:

“Yesterday we buried my precious father in law, Bill McPhail in D’Lo, MS.

He was a Navy Vet from the Korean War & real character. I so enjoyed our visits & sure wish we had more time.

Ms, Jane, Jim & I appreciate all of the love & support. Time is precious & truly a gift. Make the most of it!❤️”

From her debut album, Did I Shave My Legs For This? to mega-hit songs like “Strawberry Wine,” Carter has rocked the country music scene and isn’t slowing down. Recently she’s dedicated her time to a couple YouTube series that she’s created. Fans can follow her and enjoy “Wing-It-Wednesday” where Carter goes live and just “wings it.” She sometimes plays a song or two, other times she’ll do some Q&A, but every time the experience is unique and fun. Another series is “TGIF-isode” where she offers weekly biblical reflections and encouragement. While she missed the airing of her last “Wing-It-Wednesday,” she posted on her “TGIF-isode” series, a video about finding comfort in the midst of grief.

Watch the episode in the video below.