Deana Carter Drops By Diner To Serenade Patrons With “Strawberry Wine”

Country Road TV / YouTube

Surrounded by friends and fans in an intimate diner setting, Deana Carter took to the microphone with a playful smile on her face. Little did the audience know that they were in for a rare treat.

A 90s Classic

If you remember the first time you heard “Strawberry Wine” come on the radio, you know it was an instant hit. Released in 1996, the youthful ballad reminds us of innocence, love, and sweetly flavored wine.

Originally, the writer Matraca Berg was told no by various record labels due to the controversial topic in the song – but when Carter heard her singing it she knew she had to record it. For many, the song was a nostalgic and powerful memory of growing up and coming into their own.

A Sweet Treat

So when Carter was invited to sing on Larry’s Country Diner, she knew her hit song would reach the heart of every person in the room. And boy, was she right…

Right when she opened with “He was working through college…” the crowd began clapping, realizing she was about to play one of her biggest and well-loved hits.

Carter strummed her guitar patiently as the beautiful lyrics carried throughout in an echoing tone.

Country Road TV / YouTube

Hearing her sing about the innocence of childhood years after it has passed is sure to get you all choked up. Check it out in the video below and don’t forget to visit Country Road TV for more videos of country classics from the 90s and before.