Men’s Mental Health, Fatherhood, Addiction Highlighted In New Song Featuring Darius Rucker

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Darius Rucker and Canadian singer-rapper Dax teamed up for a song titled “To Be a Man.”

Dax released “To Be a Man” on April 14, 2023 as a single from his album What is Life?

“I put my heart into this and I’m praying it reaches those who need it,” he wrote on social media announcing the single.


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Dax then dropped a “Megamix” featuring ten other artists in June. On October 26, Dax announced that a new version of his song, with an accompanying video, would be released the next day,. The announcement also revealed that Darius Rucker would be on the track. Not only is Darius on the song, he also added another verse.

“To Be a Man” highlights men’s mental health.

The song that Darius and Dax teamed up on is one that is incredibly moving and also incredibly necessary. There is a stigma when it comes to mental health and both men feel passionate about trying to remove it.

The top ways that we can all help remove the stigma in mental health, according to the National veterans Homeless Support, is by educating ourselves, by having open conversations, and by having compassion and empathy for those going through it.

“To Be a Man” is a perfect example of all three. Some lyrics include,

“You might find yourself feeling all alone
Inside a house you built that you don’t recognize as home
And that’s what my daddy told me
And I’ll tell my son the same
Now that I’m older I relate and I actually feel his pain
He never cried
He might of lied but he did not complain
And he said, ‘Son one day you’ll have to do the same.'”

One of the most powerful lines that Darius sings is, “I think about all the men out there who feel like I do now / Who are screaming on the inside but won’t ever make a sound.”

The way Darius sings it, you can tell he’s dealt with his own demons before and wants everyone to know that they aren’t alone, no matter how isolated you might feel.

“To Be a Man” was already a powerful song, but with Darius’ added verse, it is one of the most important songs you will listen to this year.

“Be A Man” is already number one on a Billboard chart.

On November 6, Billboard released their latest data on all their different charts. “Be A Man” had topped the Country Digital Sales Chart and had landed at number 32 on the Hot Country Songs chart! 

Watch Darius and Dax’s music video for their powerful song below.