Danica Patrick Shows Off Body During Workout Routine

Smallz & Raskind/Getty Images

Legendary NASCAR driver Danica Patrick may have left the race track behind for good, but she has plenty of other ventures up her sleeves to keep her busy. Patrick’s racing career officially ended after the 2018 Indianapolis 500, but she debuted her new fitness and lifestyle brand that includes a 90-day diet and exercise plan developed around her own lifestyle routines.

Patrick, one of the most influential and recognizable athletes in America, has long been and advocate for physical fitness, due in part to the strength needed to be competitive in NASCAR. The athlete often documents her workouts on Instagram, and some clips of her routine have us all feeling a little guilty about that Easter dinner.

Two clips show Danica in her home gym doing an intense circuit routine that included hand stand push-ups, ring dips, pull-ups, and hand stand shoulder taps. If those moves sound intimidating, it’s because they are. Check them out for yourself below.

The hard work paid off for Danica who showed off her 6-pack in a photo posted to social media in December. If you want results like her, she encourages you to join her new workout program called Pretty Intense by Danica. You can check it out on Instagram here.

Danica Patrick/Instagram

One thing is for sure…Danica Patrick is a beast and isn’t afraid to work hard for what she wants! Check out more of her workouts in the video below.