Dance Team’s High Kicks Shine In Thundering Halftime Show

Sacramento Kings / YouTube

The Sacramento Kings basketball team stepped off the court to let these gals run it. During a “country night”  game, the ladies walked out and completely blew away the audience with their talented moves!

Practice makes perfect.

If try-outs weren’t hard enough, the Kings dancers are constantly practicing to get their routines just right. On top of that, they have extra non-dance workouts that keep their flawless physiques. It is definitely a full-time job being a dancer but luckily all their hard work gives us great performances like their line dance!

This wasn’t their first rodeo…

This isn’t the first time the gals have dressed up for a country night. In 2015, they strutted their stuff in tied-up white tees, straw cowboy hats and “Kings” belt buckles. The girls dressed up to honor Garth Brooks when he came to Sacramento to see the team play and the dancers dance!

They like it loud.

The ladies combined two upbeat country dance tunes for their routine. Taking Cowboy Troy’s “Hick Chick” and combining it with Big & Rich‘s “Loud” – they truly created a hit choreography.

We will definitely be putting this on repeat and trying to follow along with their incredible dance moves. You can watch their full video below and see if you can keep up!