Dance Group Performs Line Dance To ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’ Mashup

BBC Strictly Come Dancing / YouTube

Strictly Come Dancing, the British version of Dancing With The Stars, gave fans a thrilling performance when their professional dancers banded together to perform a flawless line dance set to a variety of fun hits.

2014 was an energetic year for the BBC One show, as they provided invigorating performances time and time again, including this particular dance, which was countryfied to the max!

Set to a mashup of Rednex’s “Cotton Eyed Joe” and Pitbull’s pop hit “Timber,” the show’s dancers sported flannels and fringed-cowgirl apparel while dancing on the stage complete with hay, wagons, and the full barn experience!

“Grab your partner! There’s gonna be a hoedown,” one of the dancers yelled before tossing his hat in the air.

While this riveting number included an array of classic line dancing kicks, flips, and tricks, one performer went above and beyond when he whipped out a lasso and showcased some impressive throwing skills! This is definitely a dance y’all will be dying to learn!

Stricly loves this song so much, they recently used the song again – this time for a couple’s dance.

Check out this sensational number and get dancin’!