Dale Jr. Sends Message To Kobe Bryant’s Family After Tragic Helicopter Crash

Instagram / Kobe Bryant, Dale Jr

One of NASCAR’s best-known stars is reaching out to the family of a fellow sports icon after they lost two of their members in a very tragic helicopter crash on January 26th, 2020.

The crash, which claimed the lives of NBA star Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter among six other passengers and one pilot, happened when Bryant’s helicopter encountered dense fog and slammed into a hillside just outside of Los Angeles, California.

Taking to his favorite social media platform, Twitter, Dale Earnhardt Jr. spoke openly about loss and offered his condolences to the Bryant family.

“What keeps coming to my mind is that I hope that anyone we’ve lost, the family/children left behind are surrounded with love, supported, and empowered to be great individuals as they find their way to carry on with their own lives. Strength and peace to the Bryant family.”

Dale Jr. lost his own father in a fatal NASCAR crash back in 2001 and knows about the feeling he described in his tweet about being left behind after a very close family member’s unexpected death.

Some of his millions of followers and fans reached out in response to his kind words, sharing their own words and expressing how they were brought back to that difficult moment for the nation when Dale Sr. was killed on the racetrack he loved so much.

Other people were recalling how they felt when the news broke in August 2019 when Dale Jr. and his own family narrowly survived a fiery plane crash in Tennessee.

“This thing gave me a flashback to your accident. I remain grateful that you and your family are still with us,” Sharman Brown wrote. “Thanks for the reminder that we need to support the families of the victims with our prayers, cards, calls and whatever else we can do.”

Our thought and prayers are with the families of all those killed in this tragic accident.