Dale Jr. & Amy Transform Backyard in 2017 With Home Renovation Show

Instagram/Amy Earnhardt, Twitter/DIY Network

Haven’t been able to watch all of Dale Jr. and Amy’s new renovation reality show? Well, we have the incredible before and after results of their handiwork on the backyard – and it is absolutely stunning!

This famous couple took on a project in partnership with DIY Network in 2017 that was one of the most significant undertakings they’ve had as a couple – completely renovating a historic home in beautiful Key West, Florida.


Not only did the home look completely dilapidated when they started with it, but the backyard was nothing more than a wasteland filled with rubbish and decaying old wood. Now, that once barren and overgrown area has become the house’s major selling point!


What once was a hollowed-out old shed-type of building resting against the back of the house has now become a transformative dining room and a beautiful part of the backyard area. This before and after video is one that will make you want to live here – forever!


Both Dale Jr. and Amy wanted to repurpose and re-use as much of the house’s original fixtures as possible. They used the age-old paving bricks found in the yard to create a one-of-a-kind backsplash for a bathroom that’s simply to-die-for!


While the interior holds the charm of the old house in a variety of unique ways, it’s the magnificent indoor/outdoor dining room and back patio that really steals the show!

The former shed has been converted into a formal dining room with expansive doors on two walls. The sets of French doors open up to create a mixed-use space on the back patio right against the pool and jacuzzi.

While the shed transformation is enough to leave you in awe, wait until you see a few of the other special and historic surprises these two put into the home!

Watch the video below that shows off all of┬áDale Jr. and Amy’s hard work!