Dad Trains 2-Year-Old To Handle 6ft Python

@mattwright / Instagram

National Geographic star Matt Wright from Monster Croc Wrangler shared a video of his two-year-old son Banjo pulling on the tail of a six-foot Australian snake.

“Learning the ropes,” Matt wrote on Instagram.

The video showed the experienced wildlife expert teaching Banjo how to handle the medium-sized olive python by pulling it off the concrete and into the grass.

Dad playfully instructs the cute two-year-old into positioning himself at the tail of the snake and to grab it with two hands for a full grip. Banjo tried to pull the snake off the concrete but it wrapped itself around a cemented pole preventing it from being pulled any further.

At this point, dad intervened and unwrapped the snake from the pole so Banjo could begin pulling it again. The two-year-old pulled the snake a couple of feet and then let go running back to dad to get some guidance.

With the instructions from dad, Banjo ran back the tail of the snake to finish his training. Matt Wright has a huge following on Instagram of 382 thousand followers and was met by critics who loved the scene and those who were terrified. Check out the video below.

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