Dad Picks Up Son From Last Day Of School On Horseback

Mike Moorman / Facebook

Saddle up, folks, because we have a heartwarming tale straight from the wild west! In a surprising twist to the usual school pickup routine, an Oklahoma dad decided to ditch the family car and ride up to his son’s school on horseback. You heard it right: a real-life cowboy made a grand entrance that left the school pickup line abuzz with excitement and wonder.

Mike Moorman, a proud father from Edmond, Oklahoma, decided to revive a cherished childhood tradition for his 8-year-old son, Cale. On the last day of school, Mike hopped on not one but two trusty steeds to fetch his little cowboy from Rose Union Elementary School.

“On the last day of school, I rode my horses to school,” Mike shared with TODAY. “A lot of the kids did it.”

Mike Moorman / Facebook

Cale, who has been riding horses since he was two or three years old, couldn’t have been more thrilled. With a passion for all things equestrian and a desire to follow in his dad’s boot steps, he was over the moon about this unique pickup.

On that momentous day, May 18, Mike embarked on a picturesque two-and-a-half mile journey astride his 3-year-old appaloosa horse, Nova, while leading his 12-year-old quarter horse, Grady. Together, they trotted along the road, unfazed by the passing traffic. Talk about making an entrance!

The school, ever supportive of special moments, gladly embraced Mike’s plan. The Deer Creek School District spokesperson told TODAY, “The school’s principal agreed as a way to celebrate the last day of the school year. She knew it would be a memorable experience for not only Cale but for his classmates too.” And boy, were they right! Cameras were poised and ready to capture the magical moment for eternity.

Dressed in his cowboy gear, Cale’s departure was met with gasps of awe from his friends. As Mike aptly puts it, “People got to pet the horses. I was as happy as the kids.” It was a heartwarming scene, where farm animal fans and horse enthusiasts alike marveled at the sight of a devoted dad going the extra mile, or should we say galloping a few miles, to make his son’s last day of school truly unforgettable.

So, dear readers, let this tale of horse-powered school pickups serve as a reminder that sometimes the most extraordinary memories are created when we think outside the barn, er, box. Let’s tip our cowboy hats to Mike Moorman and his trusty steeds, Nova and Grady, for turning a mundane school day into a hoof-stomping adventure. Yeehaw!

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