Cross Of Jesus Left Standing After Tornado Destroys Dallas Church, Gives People Hope

photo credit: Shea Sumlin

Tornado Shreds Church But Leaves Cross Standing

A tornado tore through the city of Dallas, Texas on October 20th shredding many buildings in its path, including the Northway Church. However, one thing was left standing giving the community hope, the cross of Jesus.

photo credit: Shea Sumlin / Facebook

The Church Community Still Has Hope

“For me and for our church, it’s a symbolic source of encouragement,” Shea Sumlin, the lead pastor of the church told Fox News. “Christ and His cross is what still stands for us.”

According to the pastor of the church, the cross was crafted by a member of the church 10 years ago. It’s a reminder of the Bible verse, Matthew 16, where Jesus talks about how His church will be built on a rock that not even hell can destroy.

“Here an F-3 tornado ripped off our roof…yet here’s this wooden cross, that I have no idea how it didn’t get picked up,” Shea said. “Even though our building is broken, our body is as whole and alive as we’ve ever been because of the hope of Jesus Christ.”

photo credit: Shea Sumlin / Facebook

The Church Continues To Have Service

“It’s a beautiful reminder that Christ is still present in the midst of this suffering and chaos,” Shea added.

Yesterday the church held a community meal for the Northwest Dallas area offering thousands of free donated meals to the people affected by the tornado.

Tomorrow night they will be having a prayer service at a different church and it will be the first time members of the tore down church have gotten together since the unfortunate event. Then on Sunday, another church is letting them have their service at 5pm at that church.

“Our focus as a church — we’ve got good insurance, our church building will be rebuilt — that’s allowed our entire effort to be on rebuilding the community, both on members and people who have no connection to us….Just help clean up the community,” Shea said. “Serve everybody that got damaged.”

Pastor Shea Shares A Few More Words In The Video Below