Crayola Searching For 5th Grader Who Drew Nicole Kidman Portrait

Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images, Instagram/Crayola

Crayola is on the lookout for a former fifth grader who created a stunning portrait of Nicole Kidman 24 years ago.

The world’s largest art supplies company recently took to Instagram on June 7 to share a vibrant portrait of the actress, which was made in the year 2000 by a fifth-grade student named “Rachel” from Temple, Texas. The artwork was crafted at Kennedy Powell Elementary, and Crayola is determined to return the masterpiece to its rightful owner.

In their Instagram post, Crayola asked, “Does anyone know a Rachel from Temple? We want to return the 2000s art she made at Kennedy Powell Elementary!”

The brand also encouraged anyone with information to tag Rachel in the comments or visit the link in their bio to claim the artwork.


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According to Crayola’s announcement, the portrait is featured in their Campaign for Creativity, which aims to reunite artwork with its original owner. The comapny also shared that the portrait includes a touching caption written by the young artist all those years ago.

“My dream is to be successful in many areas,” the caption reads.  “I love art, but I also like music and acting. Nicole Kidman is talented in many areas.”

And according to a commenter on the post, the search for the artist might be nearing its end.

“This was created in my class,” a user wrote. “I can contact the artist. This was submitted to the Crayola “DreamMakers” competition that used to be held every other years. I had dozens of winners across those years and all of the pieces were retained by Crayola. I was also the first Camp Crayola director in 2003 and have some great pics from the camps.”

Many commenters are eager to see if Rachel has continued to pursue art, given the remarkable talent she displayed in her fifth-grade portrait.