“COVID Bandit” Tips Restaurant Employees $6800

Troy Guard / Facebook

The COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting American lives every day for almost a year now. Luckily, a real hero who calls himself COVID BANDIT has been showering random restaurant workers with generous and unexpected tips.

The first time COVID BANDIT hit an establishment with a generous action was in January 2021. He left a $200 tip for each of the seven employees on top of his $20 bill at a Colorado café in Estes Park.

The same generous man repeated his gift to other employees the next month, but this time in Denver at Guard and Grace restaurant. His total donation equaled a staggering $6800 this time.

“Who the heck is this COVID BANDIT??!! Whoever this person is, thank you so much for your act of kindness and your sincere genuine caring thoughtfulness you just bestowed on our Guard and Grace staff,” Chef Troy, one of the employees of Guard and Grace wrote on his Facebook page

According to the restaurant employees, Mr. COVID BANDIT had a long talk with the general manager. Then, the staff was called to a private dining room to be offered their personal tip. The employee’s reaction was beyond expectation.

“You gave out $6800 DOLLARS in total … you gave $200 to each employee… some were crying – some are jumping up and down – some are dancing!” Chef Troy added.

Mr. COVID BANDIT’s method seems to be the same. He books the reservation under this name, eats in the restaurant before talking to the restaurant manager, and offering the staff the same generous tip of $200 each. He signs all his bills as COVID BANDIT and writes on them “COVID SUCKS” with a smiley face on it.

These inspiring events bring real hope to folks in the middle of very hard times. The only question is now, who will be the next lucky restaurant to receive Mr. COVID BANDIT’s reservation?