Couple Loses Home In Tornado Then Wins $2 Million Powerball Jackpot

photo credit: Iowa Lottery

An Iowa couple has won a staggering $2 million Powerball jackpot, paving the way for their long-awaited dream to finally come true. Tammy Gordy, a 56-year-old dietary aide at a local hospital, and her husband Steve, had their lives turned upside down when their home in Agency was ravaged by a tornado back in April 2001. However, fortune smiled upon them as Tammy recently discovered her astonishing windfall while checking a lottery ticket she had kept in her purse.

Tammy’s heart skipped a beat as she opened the state lottery’s mobile app on a fateful Sunday. Her ticket matched the first five numbers, edging her closer to a $1 million prize. But there was more in store for her! You see, Tammy had wisely chosen to add the Power Play option, multiplying her winnings and propelling her into the millionaire’s club.

Tammy holding up the 2 million dollar lottery check.
photo credit: Iowa Lottery

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Overwhelmed with joy, she exclaimed Iowa Lottery, “I fell into my chair! I couldn’t see! There were all those zeroes! I was like, ‘Maybe I need my glasses.’ So yeah, we screamed.”

Steve, initially puzzled by his wife’s ecstatic reaction, soon discovered the incredible truth. “She jumped up and was saying … well, not English, but other words I couldn’t understand,” he humorously shared. “And then I looked over and there were a lot of zeroes. Then we didn’t know what it was until we got our senses back.”

It’s safe to say that their senses were back and their lives were about to change for the better. Tammy wasted no time notifying her boss about her newfound millionaire status. After all, who wouldn’t want a few days off to bask in the glory of their sudden wealth?

“I called my boss and told him that I needed to take Monday and Tuesday off because I won $2 million on the Powerball,” Tammy happily recounted. “And so he says, ‘Well, congratulations, if you’re not April Foolin’ me!'”

While the couple’s resilience following the tornado is admirable, their dream of rebuilding their home was put on hold for years. But not anymore! Thanks to their incredible stroke of luck, Tammy and Steve can now revitalize their plans and make their dream home a reality.

With the added funds, Tammy enthusiastically shared, “We were in the process of building a home and it kind of got put on hold for a few years, so now this is going to speed it up. And it’s going to go into better details! I’m talking a walk-in closet and a Jacuzzi tub! That’s what I’m talking about!”

However, it’s worth noting that material possessions are not what truly matter to the Gordys.

“We’ve never been material people, I can say that,” Tammy emphasized. “Family was more important to us. So, it’s going to be that way. We’re just going to be able to do more things.”

So, to all you lottery players out there, this story shows the unpredictable nature of life. A couple who faced the devastation of a tornado can now rise from the ashes, thanks to the incredible power of a winning ticket. It’s a reminder that hope and dreams can become a reality with a little bit of luck and a whole lot of determination. Who knows? Maybe the next lottery winner could be you!

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