Country Star Responds With Powerful Words After Being Body Shamed By Fan

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Bullying and body-shaming are never okay. Unfortunately, it seems that people are becoming more bold as they hide behind their phones and computer screens and send hurtful messages to others online. Country stars aren’t immune to the bullying. In fact, they are often on the receiving end of intense criticism about their life decisions and appearance.

Most recently, country singer Carly Pearce was the target of online body-shaming when she received a private message asking if she was pregnant. The message included close-up photos of the star and her stomach with a note that read, “Are you pregnant? Cause you run 10 miles a day….”

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The “Every Little Thing” singer shared the post and was honest about her disbelief that someone could be so hurtful. She added a poignant response calling for her fans, and everyone reading her post, to understand the power of words.

“Last night, I got off stage on a high from an amazing show in Iowa, where I headlined my second show of the weekend, hearing the entire crowd sing the words to my songs. I checked my messages as I do every night after a show because I love y’all and love to see the fun you’ve had at the show, and then I saw these 2 messages,” Pearce wrote. “Honestly I’m still in disbelief but I wanted to share this with you because I feel like this is important (especially for women) to see that WORDS ARE POWERFUL & no matter what, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK and BE KIND. Body Shaming & Bullying ARE NEVER OKAY.”

Carly’s fans and fellow artists were quick to come to her defense on social media.

Carly Pearce announced her engagement to fellow country star Michael Ray in mid-December, just five months after revealing that they were dating. Ray proposed while the couple were on vacation to Tulum, Mexico. Photos shared by the pair show Ray down on one knee as Carly covered her face with her hands, clearly surprised by the proposal.

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Earlier this week, the man of my dreams got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. All in one simple "yes", I said "yes" to love, "yes" to peace, "yes" to faithfulness, "yes" to respect, "yes" to kindness, "yes" to trust, "yes" to patience and "yes" to never settling. Michael, I would've married you the first night we hung out because I knew then you were the one. You will always be my most precious example of God's timing and His love for me. I have found my home in you & will love you with everything I have forever and a day. WE ARE GETTIN' MARRIED, BABY! ?❤️ John 13:7 Jesus replied "You don't understand what I'm doing, but someday you will". #OMGIHAVEAFIANCE #LOOKATTHATRING

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A wedding date hasn’t been announced, but we’re looking forward to seeing this adorable couple tie the knot!