Country Star Grabbed During Show Without Consent, Confronts Fan

KaceyMusgraves / Twitter

What should have been an incredible night for Kacey Musgraves on Saturday (Feb. 17), turned out to be a frustrating one. The “Merry Go ‘Round” singer is currently on tour opening for Little Big Town, and just six shows into it, she had to take to social media to address something concerning that happened during her set.

Little Big Town, Musgraves, and the other opening act, Midland, were in Toledo, Ohio performing at the Huntington Center. Musgraves was walking through the crowd, as many artists do, when her arm was grabbed by a male fan. He shook her arm aggressively enough that the singer had to yell, “Ow, stop!” before yanking her arm away.

A fan nearby took a video of the interaction and Musgraves posted it to her own Twitter account with the caption, “ASSHAT ALERT: this guy grabbed onto me hard, shook my arm, and wouldn’t let me go. Guess I’m gonna have to start carrying a rolled up newspaper out there with me.”

Her tweet received many responses, most in support of the country singer, while some were not so friendly. One Twitter user called her, “another spoiled celeb,” while another said, “Grow up Kacey, it was for a split second.

According to Taste of Country, Musgraves, who is known for not being afraid of being outspoken, responded to the male “fan” quickly, by saying, “I come up & hit your balls w/ a sharp ice pick – you fine with it tho it’s for a ‘split second’?” she fumed. “You chastise + complain about me calling out a man who physically domineered me. PLEASE unfollow me and PLEASE seek immediate counseling for your chauvinistic rape-culture mentality.”

There were a few more exchanges between the two, but Musgraves’ responses have since been deleted. The conversation continued with the man saying she should let it go because “it happens all the time at concerts.”

Taste of Country reports that Musgraves responded by tweeting, “Whoever you are – you’re seriously mentally imbalanced. Just because something “happens all the time” doesn’t mean it’s ok. You shouldn’t have to learn basic life stuff like this from the internet. Anyway, I’m done. Your 15 mins are now over.”

There are 17 dates remaining on the tour, and we hope the audience members at the rest of the shows are more respectful.