Country Star Drake Milligan Returns To AGT Stage With Original Song “I Got A Problem”

Drake Milligan performs on America's Got Talent “Qualifiers 4 Results” Episode 1817. Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

Drake Milligan performs on America's Got Talent “Qualifiers 4 Results” episode. Photo: Trae Patton / NBC

Drake Milligan made a triumphant return to the America’s Got Talent stage with a powerful performance.

Making a comeback, Drake Milligan is set to grace the AGT stage once more, this time as a participant in the new AGT spinoff, AGT: Fantasy League. In AGT: Fantasy League, 40 returning acts will compete against each other for the $200,000 grand prize, with the judges ultimately declaring a winner.


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As a preview of his return to the show, Milligan recently posted a performance from earlier in the year on his social media to get fans excited.

On September 13, the acclaimed country singer and finalist from AGT Season 17 delivered a show-stopping performance on Season 18’s fourth Live Results Show. Milligan mesmerized the audience with his original track “I Got a Problem.”

With a soulful country sound, the track brilliantly displays Milligan’s talent in every aspect. This lively and playful single revolves around a girl who has completely captured the heart of a cowboy. While the initial impression might suggest a negative theme, the songwriter cleverly flips that notion on its head, portraying the love interest as “a good problem to have.”

It didn’t come to anyone’s surprise when the judges gave a standing ovation at the end of Milligan’s performance.

Judge Simon Cowell expressed only positive remarks. Describing the performance as “awesome” and praising the song choice, Cowell appeared thoroughly pleased with Milligan’s return. Milligan playfully remarked that he had promised to always come back for Cowell.

“He did amazing. Drake, I want to congratulate you on everything you’ve done after the show. I’ve always said that you’re gonna be a real superstar, and you are. And what a great song,” Cowell said.


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Everything You Need To Know About Drake Milligan On AGT

Described by Judge Howie Mandel as “the new Elvis of country,” Milligan auditioned for Season 17 of AGT with his original tune, “Sounds Like Something I’d Do,” immediately earning four “Yes” votes from the Judges.

While Milligan didn’t win his season of AGT, he was a finalist—and he certainly made an impression on fans.

He went on to earn his first-ever CMT Music Award nomination later that year for “Sounds Like Something I’d Do,” landing a nod in the Breakthrough Male Video of the Year category.

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Drake Milligan America's Got Talent audition.
America’s Got Talent / YouTube

His Dallas/Fort Worth Collection

Following his AGT stint, he released a 14-song album, Dallas/Fort Worth, which features Milligan’s writer’s credit on every track. Billboard described the album as “a steady mix of laid-back, 90s Strait-inspired come-ons.”

On his website, he described his creative influences for the project. 

“Mine were mainly George Strait and Elvis. Along with a lot of Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, and George Jones,” he said. “That’s what my mom and dad listened to, so my earliest music memories came from that. As I was writing, I learned that the best sad songs are bittersweet and even a little hopeful. I love that tradition in country music: how sad songs can help you feel understood. That’s the magic, because not everything in life is sunshine and rainbows.”

Watch his comeback performance on AGT below!