Country Music Duo Fires Back At Twitter Troll With Brutally Honest Response

brothersosborne / Twitter

Seems like artists can’t share even the smallest bit of their personal opinion these days without receiving backlash.

What seemed like an innocent tweet urging their followers to “let the world know” how they feel in order to start a conversation, country music duo Brothers Osborne were hit with the old “shut up and sing” reply. Never one to shy away from conflict, the duo fired back at the Twitter troll in the best way possible.

“Post your thoughts on the web to let the world know how you feel. Have a conversation with person next with you to change their minds. It’s a slow process but that’s how it works,” the ACM and CMA Award-winning duo shared via Twitter.


Following their thought-provoking tweet, Twitter user elvisghost1 warned them to “shut up and sing” or else they’ll end up just like the “Dixie Chicks.”

“SHUT UP & SING! If we want a celebs opinion we will beat it out of them. Have you learned nothing from the Dixie Chicks? Do you know the audience that listens to country music? They are generally conservative and rightly so,” the Twitter troll wrote.


After reading the troll’s advice to “shut up and sing,” the duo responded with a bit of brutal honesty.

“That is literally a physical impossibility,” they simply responded.


Absolutely hilarious! And when you think about it, it is impossible to sing with your mouth closed tight.

So what do you think about all this? Should artists speak their minds more often on social media? Let us know in the comments!