Count Down The Days ‘Til Christmas With Whiskey Advent Calendars

The holiday season can be crazy and hectic. With family visiting from out of town, planning dinners, attending parties, and buying gifts, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily there’s a solution – literally.

Flaviar has created an iconic Whiskies of the World Advent calendar to help you drink down the days ’til Christmas.

Flaviar is an alcohol subscription service that focuses on rare, diverse spirits so you can figure out what you like to drink or simply explore different types of alcohol.

Last year, Flaviar’s advent calendar sold out in only two weeks so they made it available for pre-order in September this year.

As it turns out, money can buy happiness. These advent calendars will run you, $225 but if you’re going to be dealing with family all month long, that’s a small price to pay.

From single malts to rich blends, the 2020 calendar comes with 24 vials, each holding 1.7 oz of premium whiskey, a glass, plus artwork and flavor notes for each drink. The 24 whiskies selected are from Scotland, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Japan, and even other lesser-known whiskey-making countries like Italy, Israel, India, and the Netherlands.

If you’re still trying to decide whether or not to get one for yourself, check out the video below to see a breakdown and review of last years advent calendar.