Community Raises $40,000 For Nashville BBQ Restaurant Sued By Neighbor


In East Nashville, a local meat market and barbecue restaurant, Roy’s Meat Service, has found itself entangled in a legal dispute with a neighboring homeowner.

Local Nashville Business Gets Sued

Natalie Castillo, a homeowner in Nashville, TN, filed a lawsuit against the establishment, citing grievances related to alleged “property encroachment” and the “nuisance” of smoke circulating from Roy’s grilling activities.

According to details outlined in the lawsuit filed in January 2023, Castillo claims that Roy’s Meat Service, located on South 19th Street, has prevented her ability to enjoy her property due to the constant smoke coming from the restaurant’s cooking. She insists that the smoke and debris invade her home, even with windows closed, negatively impacting her health and requiring her to intensify her asthma regimen.

Nashville Community Raises Money For Roy’s

In response to Castillo’s legal action, the community has rallied behind Jeff Roy, the owner of Roy’s Meat Service. A GoFundMe campaign was initiated to support Roy in his legal battle.

“To date, Jeff has spent more than $20,000 on costs of excessive renovations based on the complaints, and legal fees to cover representation in the pending lawsuit,” the GoFundMe states. “This has been a nightmare for Jeff and Christie. The lawsuit against RMS has not only become a financial burden to the Roy family, but has inflicted extreme emotional distress.”
 “Jeff and his Wife, Christie, opened Roy Meat Service in 2015,” the description continues. “RMS is a convenience store, butcher shop, restaurant, and community gathering spot all in one. RMS is one of the only truly “local” spots left in the growing community of East Nashville. However despite all of this, Jeff has found himself and his business in peril.”

In recent reports, the campaign supporting Roy’s Meat Service has seen notable success, having raised over $40,000.

Both parties involved in the legal conflict have yet to reach a resolution, and the outcome of the lawsuit remains uncertain, however.