Clint Eastwood Photographed at Youngest Daughter’s Wedding

Francesca Eastwood / Instagram

Clint Eastwood’s youngest daughter, Morgan, marries Tanner Koopmans

On June 15th, 27-year-old Morgan Eastwood tied the knot with fiance Tanner Koopmans in an intimate California ceremony. Morgan is the youngest child of celebrated actor Clint Eastwood and was born when her father was 67 years old.

Now 94, Clint is rarely seen in public but was photographed alongside loved ones at the wedding. Morgan recently shared a series of images looking back on their “perfect day.”


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Eastwood family members gather to celebrate the special day

The nuptials were held at Mission Ranch in Carmel, California, and by the looks of photos shared by attendees, it was a beautiful time of reunion and celebration for the Eastwood family. Clint is a father of eight and a grandfather of four, so far.

Francesca Eastwood, Clint’s second-youngest child, shared a series of snapshots from the day, showing Alison, Scott, Kathryn, Kyle, and his wife Maggie, all in attendance. The patriarch of the famous family, Clint Eastwood, was also pictured. She captioned the post:

“so many Eastwoods in one room”

See the photos below!

Morgan Eastwood and Husband are expecting their first child

In May, nearly a year after they got engaged during a trip to Italy, Morgan and Tanner announced that they were expecting their first child together.


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Congratulations to Morgan Eastwood, Tanner Koopmans, and their growing family!