Clear Plastic Shorts For Men Exist

Maverick Swimwear

Some interesting items have popped up in male fashion over the past few years. First there were “romphims,” which are rompers and jumpsuits designed with men in mind. Then there were denim lookalike speedos, which were made of polyester but featured an allover denim print.

And now, we have clear plastic shorts.

People have been wearing clear and plastic clothing for decades, but such pieces have become more trendy in recent years. While some items are quite fashionable, others are more questionable, such as clear knee pants. There are even entirely see-through plastic “jeans” on the market!

In the past, these bizarre plastic bottoms have strictly been a part of women’s fashion. But now, men can expand their wardrobes by welcoming their own pair of clear plastic shorts!

Sold by a company called Maverick Swimwear, the clear shorts are branded as “Berlin Transparent Waterproof Beach Shorts.” You can get the clear shorts with a couple of different stitching colors, including lime green and bright orange.

The company also sells a pair of sheer swim shorts for men that are less see-through and more frosted looking in appearance.

Maverick Swimwear

The lime and orange stitched clear shorts sell for $29.99, while the sheer white shorts cost $24.99. If clear clothing isn’t quite your vibe, the company sells a number of other unique swimwear items, including holographic hipster trunks.

Now we know what you’re thinking, has anyone actually purchased these shorts? Apparently, yes! They are even listed under the “hot items” section of the company’s website.

The shorts took the internet by storm in 2019, prompting a number of hilarious reactions on social media.

So how about y’all…would you ever dare to wear a pair of clear plastic shorts? It would take a lot of nerve to do, that’s for sure!

You can learn more about the see-through plastic clothing fad by tuning in to the clip below.