Chris Young Breaks Silence After Arrest

Chris Hollo/Grand Ole Opry/MNPD

A week after being arrested at a Nashville bar, country star Chris Young addressed the incident in a post made to TikTok.

Chris Young was arrested January 22 after allegedly interfering with agents performing a compliance check at a Nashville bar. According to the arrest affidavit, Young and a few friends were at the Tin Roof, a “live music joint” in midtown Nashville, enjoying a drink. Agents from the Alcoholic Beverage Commission entered the establishment to perform identification checks. Young initially complied, according to the agents.

“When we walked into the bar a man sitting at the bar, later found to be Mr. Young, had his ID in his hand above his head,” the affidavit states.

After his identification was handed back to him, Young started asking the authorities questions, which they reportedly answered. The singer then started filming the agents and followed them to The Dawg House, another bar located next door.

After compliance checks were complete at the establishment, the agents moved to leave, but were stopped by Young.

“While walking to the door, Mr. Young put his hands out to stop me from leaving the bar and struck me on the shoulder,” the officer said, adding that he responded by pushing Young to put some distance between them.

“Once that happened, most of the patrons of the bar got up and got between TABC agents and Mr. Young and began yelling and screaming,” the affidavit reads.

Chaos ensued and the 38-year-old country star was arrested and faced charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.

Charges against Chris Young were dropped a few days after surveillance video from the bar was released.

Surveillance video from The Dawg House painted a very different picture than the arrest affidavit. Fans of Chris Young lashed out against authorities online, demanding that the charges be dropped.

Most fans thought Young was done wrong, but there were also some who called out the singer for “touching a cop.”

In a post made to TikTok Monday (January 29), Chris shared a clip of the incident and pointed out that he never touched the agent. The caption simply read, “Stop coming at me.” The text over the video read, “For all the trolls saying, ‘Don’t touch a cop’…I didn’t touch him.”

And the video makes it clear that he didn’t touch the agent, further proving that Nashville District Attorney, Glenn Funk, made the right decision to drop the charges.

Watch Chris Young’s video of the incident below.