Chris Stapleton’s New Theme For “Monday Night Football” Is Here

Chris Stapleton in the video for the new Monday Night Football theme

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Chris Stapleton Reimagines Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” In New Theme For Monday Night Football

Chris Stapleton earned a lot of praise for his performance of the National Anthem at Super Bowl LVII. He even made grown men cry over his performance, including the Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach Nick Sirianni.

More recently, Stapleton was tapped to serve as the new voice of Monday Night Football. On Monday (September 18), ESPN announced that Stapleton joined Snoop Dogg and drummer Cindy Blackman Santana for a new Monday Night Football theme song.

The trio reimagined Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.” ESPN described their performance by saying it “combines nostalgia with intensity.” Stapleton covers Collins’ original lyrics, while Snoop Dogg jumps in to give the theme “his signature style [by] adding football-centric verses.”

Get All The Details About Stapleton’s New Monday Night Football Theme

The new theme debuted later on September 18 ahead of Monday Night Football. It played before the Saints vs. Panthers game on ESPN and the Browns vs. Steelers game on ABC.

Stapleton’s new theme will now air before every Monday Night Football game. It will also play before ESPN’s Week 18 Saturday Doubleheader, Super Wild Card, and the first Divisional playoff game.

Chris Stapleton promotional image for new "Monday Night Football" theme
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ESPN shared a preview of the new Monday Night Football theme upon announcing Stapleton’s involvement. But the full video is finally here!

Watch Chris Stapleton’s New Performance For Monday Night Football In The Clip Below

The video of Stapleton’s new Monday Night Football anthem is one minute and forty seconds in length.

Stapleton delivers a rousing vocal performance and a guitar solo, while Snoop Dogg jumps in mid-song with an energetic rap. Cindy Blackman Santana drives the theme by performing the signature drum part from “In the Air Tonight.”

The trio knocked this one out of the park! Watch their video for the new Monday Night Football theme below.