Chip Gaines Says That Joanna Can Be ‘Scary’ When He Gets Out Of Line

Brook Christopher/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It’s safe to say that Chip and Joanna Gaines have one of television’s most enviable relationships. The former HGTV stars couldn’t be more different, but are proof that opposites do indeed attract. In this case, they not only attract but they prosper.

When the Gaines’ debuted their show Fixer Upper in 2012, they didn’t anticipate the sudden fame that followed. Almost overnight Chip and Joanna went from hardworking, small town business folks to the biggest names in cable television.

So what made the Gaines so incredibly popular? Perhaps it was Joanna’s practical, low-key approach to decorating. Or, maybe it was Chip’s humorous handyman persona. Most likely it was a combination of the two in addition to the couple’s realness and relatability.

There is no denying that Chip and Joanna Gaines have things figured out on both a personal and professional level. In an interview with Cowboys & Indians, Chip revealed one of the secrets to their success.

“Jo and I know each other; we have always been really good to each other,” Chip said of his 15-year marriage. “We believe that part of the magic in our marriage is just the simple fact that we care sincerely about one another.”

He added that they both know how to keep each other in line with a simple look, and apparently Joanna has her side eye down to an art.

“When either of us are off the tracks or kind of lost our minds in one way or the other, you know, a little look, a little side eye certainly goes a long way for sure. And she’s got a nasty one. She’s scary,” added Chip.

In 2018, the couple walked away from Fixer Upper after five seasons, but the exit from television only endeared them to fans more. Chip and Jo, who welcomed their fifth child in 2018, have built an enviable empire that includes their Waco-based Magnolia Market and Magnolia Table, a wildly popular home decor line at Target, a best-selling cookbook and more.

But their return to television was inevitable. During and appearance on The Tonight Show in November 2018, Chip let it slip that the pair were coming back to the small screen.

Watch some bloopers from their announcement of the return of Fixer Upper, below.