People Are Now Putting Tutus On Their Chickens – Available In Many Colors

ThimbleWorks / Facebook

If you thought having chickens on the farm was cool wait until you see what Etsy, an online e-commerce store is offering to people with pet chickens. It’s tutus that come in all kinds of colors being sold by a seller named ThimbleWorks.

You can get a patriotic tutu that’s red, white and blue to make your chickens extra festive for the holidays. There are all kinds of colors, for example, the peacock color combination, which is a mix of green, blue and purple. Sherbert is another arrangement of colors that are orange, yellow and pink and you can also get it in Rainbow too.

The tutus are made out of tulle netting that is held together by a black elastic band and comfortably fits the chicken without hurting or irritating it. The tutu comes in four different sizes so you’ll have a tutu that will fit whatever size bird you have. The sizes ranging from smallest to largest are bantam, standard, large fowl, and turkey. Your chicken will definitely be standing out and looking stylish.

ThimbleWorks also offers more accessories for your chicken, like chicken saddles, which is what’s used for protecting a chicken from a rooster’s nails and spurs during mating season. There are even chicken t-shirts, aprons, and coffee mugs for you to support your chicken. You can check out all the items here: ThimbleWorks.