Carrie Underwood’s Son Isaiah Celebrates 8th Birthday With “Perfect” Cake – See The Photos

(Left) Carrie Underwood / Instagram / (Right) Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher‘s eldest son, Isaiah, celebrated his eighth birthday on Monday (February 27). Carrie took to social media to share some photos of Isaiah’s special birthday cake…which was “Perfect” for him!

Made by Ivey Cake Store, the cake was themed after the YouTube channel Dude Perfect. The Dude Perfect guys are known for their sports-themed “trick shot” videos and comedic skits.

Isaiah’s cake had a bright blue background. The Dude Perfect logo appeared on the side in black fondant. The side of the cake also featured a recreation of the Dude Perfect Panda tossing a basketball into the air.

The top of Isaiah’s cake included a football, soccer ball, and baseball. The words “Happy Birthday Isaiah” were piped around the cake in a black decorative font.

Carrie said that Isaiah specifically requested a Dude Perfect cake for his birthday this year. He also made another request…he wanted to have a taco night!

“Isaiah wanted a @dudeperfect cake and taco night for his birthday!” Carrie said. “I can’t believe he is 8! Where does the time go? Thanks @iveycakestore for another delicious creation!”

Ivey Cake Store has made cakes for Isaiah and his younger brother Jacob’s past birthdays. For example, when Jacob celebrated his fourth birthday in January, Ivey Cake Store made him a detailed Spider-Man cake.

See the photos of Jacob’s cake here, then look below to see the post about Isaiah’s eighth birthday cake. It turned out so good!