Carrie Underwood’s Family Welcomes A Furry New Addition

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Carrie Underwood’s family has grown in an adorable way

When Carrie Underwood is not playing sold-out arenas around the world, she lives an ordinary life at home. The Grammy-award-winning singer resides in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband, Mike Fisher, and two sons, Isaiah (9) and Jacob (5).

While Underwood prefers to keep most of her personal life private, she occasionally gives her followers glimpses into her family life.


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Carrie Underwood says she lives a “double life”

During her 2023 residency in Las Vegas, Carrie Underwood told Vegas Magazine that she leads a “double life” in many ways. She highlighted the contrast between her role as mother and wife at home, and as a performer on some of the largest stages in the world.

Reflecting on some of her favorite things to do at home, she shared:

“I do very much enjoy gardening and homesteading. We grow fruits, like apples and peaches, and I feel like I’m always making something, like mead, out of honey. It’s really cool when people come over, and you can serve them bread that you made or some hard apple cider from your orchard. I like doing stuff like that.”


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The Underwood/Fisher family welcomes a new addition

Carrie Underwood’s family has various farm animals on their homestead, and this week, she announced the arrival of a new furry family member. On her Instagram stories, she revealed that her donkeys, named Jack and Diane after the John Mellencamp hit, had a baby!

The donkey pair are already parents to an offspring named Little Diddy. The new foal’s name is Chili Dog.

Check out the adorable photo below! 

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