Carrie Underwood Shares Video Of Her Hilarious Clothing Problem

Carrie Underwood / Instagram

Carrie Underwood just wanted to buy some fun new pants, but they ended up having a not-so-fun side to them!

Underwood posted a video on Instagram that shows her trying on some new leggings. They look like shiny black leather, but they’re actually made of a non-leather material.

As fun as the pants are, they come with a catch. They’re incredibly noisy!

Underwood demonstrated the hilarious noise the pants make when she walks. It’d be hard to go anywhere in those things without being noticed!

I’m sorry, I can’t hear you…my pants are too loud!!!” Underwood captioned the video. In additional text she wrote on top of the clip, she said, “That time I bought noisy britches…

Underwood’s followers got a kick out of hearing the squeaky noise her pants make when she walks. Some of the comments on her post were:


“Like that episode of Friends where Ross gets the leather pants.”

“Nope, time to Donate them!”

“Sounds like you’re taping up a box.”

“Why did that make my teeth hurt.”

Some people offered up some tips to make the pants less noisy, like using oil or baby powder. We wonder if any of those tricks will work for Underwood?

You can watch the funny video of Underwood’s noisy pants below. This gave us a good chuckle!