Carrie Underwood Posts Photos From Fun Day Of Canning Veggies With Friends

Carrie Underwood / Instagram

Carrie Underwood loves working in her garden. She grows tomatoes, squashes, blueberries, quinoa, watermelons, and many other tasty fruits and vegetables.

Underwood showcased some of her past harvests in a video she shared on social media on July 21. She said:

My garden is one of my happy places…when I’m getting my hands dirty it’s my time for thought and reflection. Enjoy a little taste of calm…from my #Garden to yours.”

She paired the clip with her appropriately titled song, “Garden.” The song is featured on her newest album, Denim & Rhinestones.

Since Underwood often has tons of fresh veggies on hand, she decided to put all of that produce to good use. She recently had some of her best friends over for a canning party at her house, which was led by food preservation expert and published author Diane Devereaux.

Underwood shared some photos and videos from her canning party, and explained what she and her friends did that day:

What a fun girls’ day!” she said. “We learned a new skill today with the help of @canningdiva ! Veggies were chopped, soups were stirred, wine was sipped and laughs were abundant as we tried something new! Now I have a way to preserve all my garden goodness…I can’t wait to can some more goodies for the pantry!

Devereaux said the group pressure canned chicken soup, vegetable stew, and broth. See all of the photos Underwood had to share from their canning party below.

Have you ever tried canning your own veggies before?