Carrie Underwood Left “Shaking” After Discovering A Snake In Her Shed

Carrie Underwood / Instagram

Carrie Underwood is a huge animal lover. But even she was left feeling a little shook up after discovering a snake in her shed over Memorial Day weekend.

Underwood took to her Instagram Stories to share a video of a snake that snuck into her shed. She captioned the clip, “Country life be like…

The snake gave Underwood a good scare as it slithered under what appears to be a bench in her shed. She exclaimed, “You scared the ever loving…oh you scared me bud.”

Underwood then moved the camera to show just how big the snake was, saying, “Look how long this sucker is.”

Carrie Underwood / Instagram

She then tried speaking to the snake in her “mom voice” to encourage it to leave. But the snake seemed perfectly content where it was in the shed.

Hey I left this door open for you,” Underwood said. The snake looked at her, and Underwood went, “Don’t you look at me like that!

Even though Underwood was semi-casually chatting with the snake, she was still trying to recover from the initial shock of discovering it. She mentioned she was “still shaking” as she continued to film.

Underwood eventually seemed to accept the fact that the snake was going to hang around for a while. But she made it clear she wanted it to leave.

Well, nice to meet you,” she told the snake. “Catch a mouse or two okay? I’m gonna leave you alone now, and I fully expect you to go away.”

Snakes aren’t the only animals that scare Underwood. She’s afraid of turtles too, and for a good reason! Watch the video below to hear her explain her fear.

We hope Underwood doesn’t find any other snakes (or turtles) in her shed after this ordeal!