Carrie Underwood Delivers Tears With ‘Mama’s Song’ Video Featuring Her Mom & Husband

carrieunderwoodVEVO / YouTube

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she meets the love of her life and must make the decision to leave her first love, her mother. After meeting her true love, Carrie Underwood co-wrote the tear-jerking country ballad “Mama’s Song” as a goodbye to the woman who raised her.

You just don’t think when your child is small that in just a few years it’s gonna be completely different,” says the country singer’s real mother, Carole Underwood, before the music begins. “And you look back and say ‘Where did that time go?’ It goes by fast.

The video is set at what appears to be the wedding reception of Carrie and her husband Mike Fisher. The video features the glowing country singer and her husband en route to their honeymoon while her mother flips through a scrapbook filled with beautiful memories of the two of them.

The final picture in the scrapbook is a picture of Carrie and her mother at the wedding, closing the book after to go bid her daughter farewell leaving the reception with Mike. Carrie and her mother share a meaningful embrace before Carole sends her daughter off to start the rest of her life with the man of her dreams.

You can watch Carrie Underwood‘s tear-jerking video below.