Carrie Underwood Cries While Talking About Grammy Win For Gospel Album

Recording Academy / GRAMMYs / YouTube

On Sunday night (April 3) Carrie Underwood won the Grammy Award for Best Roots Gospel album for her 2021 gospel record, My Savior. It was her first-ever gospel album, featuring a mix of traditional songs and original tunes.

Underwood celebrated her big win in a post on social media. She wrote:

I WON A GRAMMY!!!!! I love this album ( #MySavior ) so much and I truly believe it is the most important album I have ever made! Thanks to all who supported! I am eternally grateful! Glory to God! AND I got to sing #GhostStory for the first time on the @recordingacademy stage! What a night… #Grammys #Blessed #grateful.”

Underwood was interviewed after the ceremony about her win. She got emotional as soon as the interviewer started to ask her the first question:

This album is one that I have always wanted to make,” Underwood said through tears. “So I feel like it was just, it came at the right time. And it was just so important to me. So the fact that I get to take this home is just, I mean it’s blowing my mind, and my heart is so full.”

Underwood continued to cry as she spoke in detail about how much My Savior means to her and her fans:

…I feel like country music and gospel music have always gone hand in hand. So I feel like it wasn’t that far of a departure from what I do. But I grew up singing in church, and that’s how it all started for me. So the fact that I got to make this album was just, kind of a full circle music…I’ve had so many people over the past year just come up to me and say ‘I needed this.’ And I needed it too! I needed to sing it.”

You can watch Underwood’s interview about her Grammy win below.

It was an emotional night for Underwood for more than one reason. That same evening her beloved dog, Ace, passed away.

Underwood shared the sad news the morning after the Grammys (April 4). “Last night my sweet Ace left this world…he will forever live on in our hearts and be forever missed,” she said.

Ace had been in Underwood’s life for years. He was at her 2010 wedding and helped announce her pregnancy with her first son, Isaiah.

Underwood wrote a sweet tribute to Ace, which you can read below. He was such a devoted dog.