Carrie Underwood Confirms She’s Someone’s Secret Duet Partner

Carrie Underwood / Instagram

Jason Aldean has something up his sleeve, and that something is a new duet!

Just days after his single “Blame It on You” reached the #1 spot on the Country Airplay chart, Aldean shared the news he’s releasing a new song. Titled “If I Didn’t Love You,” the new track is set to be released on Friday (July 23).

Aldean chose to keep his duet partner’s identity a secret, and made his fans guess who it could be. The teaser image he shared featured a green blur over where his duet partner’s picture would be, and their name was blocked out.

Fans had a lot of guesses as to who could be singing with Aldean on the new song. A few people guessed Brantley Gilbert, some mentioned his “Don’t You Wanna Stay” duet partner Kelly Clarkson, and others thought maybe it’s his wife, Brittany.

But all of those guesses seem to be wrong. It turns out that Aldean left a hint in his teaser image pointing to who his duet partner is, and some fans figured it out.

When you increase the brightness on the image Aldean shared, it clears some of the green overlay so you can make out the photo of his duet partner underneath. And that photo sure looks like Carrie Underwood!

Just to make sure fans didn’t doctor the image in their replies, we took Aldean’s original image it and brightened it up ourselves. Sure enough, a photo that appears to depict Underwood appears when you play around with the brightness and other settings.

As if that wasn’t enough proof, Underwood later confirmed her involvement on her Instagram Story. She shared Aldean’s teaser image and placed an emoji of a woman raising her hand on top of the blank space…basically saying, “It’s me!”

Carrie Underwood / Instagram

Aldean later confirmed the news himself on his own Instagram Story.

Jason Aldean / Instagram

This will be the first time Aldean and Underwood have ever recorded a song together. But it’s not their first collaboration!

Back in 2010, the two country superstars united on stage during CMA Fest to sing Guns N’ Roses’ “Paradise City.” You can watch a fan-filmed video of their performance below.

We can’t wait for July 23 to hear Aldean and Underwood’s new song!