Carrie Underwood Announces The End Of An Era

Carrie Underwood / Instagram

Carrie Underwood‘s fans didn’t see this news coming. After six years, she is leaving one of her most-loved projects behind.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Underwood took to social media to announce the release of the Holiday/Winter line for her fitness apparel brand, CALIA by Carrie Underwood. She said the new line is “probably [her] favorite collection” she has ever released.

Then, Underwood dropped a bombshell. She revealed this Holiday/Winter line will be her last release with CALIA.

This new product hitting stores now will be my last collection, which I will continue to share more of over the coming months,” Underwood said. “I am so proud of everything we’ve created and built, and look forward to seeing where CALIA goes from here! I’m excited about all the future has to bring!

CALIA also addressed Underwood’s departure from the brand, writing, “So proud of everything we’ve done together, including this new Holiday/Winter collection! Stay tuned for what’s next!

Many of Underwood’s fans were heartbroken to hear this will be her last collection with CALIA.

L-l-l-l-last… coll-ll-ll-lection? This can’t be true!” commented one fan.

Another follower wrote, “Wait you can drop this bombshell on me right now. I’m not ok. Your last collection? I can’t move right now.”

Nooooo! This can’t be your last collection!” said another distraught fan.

Underwood introduced CALIA six years ago. She has served as the lead designer of the brand, which according to Yahoo! is Dick’s Sporting Goods’ “second most popular women’s brand.”

While CALIA started as a fitness and athleisure line, the brand has expanded over time. Now, CALIA fans can buy cozy separates, outerwear, and even swimsuits.

Underwood frequently promoted the brand on her social media profiles. Her fans always loved seeing the outfits she put together using pieces from CALIA.

No explanation was given for why Underwood has chosen to leave CALIA at this time. It appears the brand will continue without her as its lead designer.

Only time will tell what CALIA will become in the future. We’re sad to hear about Carrie Underwood‘s plans to leave the brand behind, but wish her and the CALIA team all the best!