Carly Pearce Recorded Her Dream Duet With Chris Stapleton

(Left) Carly Pearce / YouTube / (Right) Chris Stapleton / YouTube

Carly Pearce Teases New Duet Before Revealing Her Collaborator Is Chris Stapleton

Carly Pearce threw her fans into a frenzy when she started teasing something on social media. She began by sharing what appeared to be the cover art for a new single or album. Text off to the side of the photo was blurred in her initial posting.

She shared the same photo the next day, and uncovered some of the text. The unveiled text revealed her name and a song title, “We Don’t Fight Anymore.” She also revealed the word “featuring,” but kept the name of her duet partner blurred.


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At last, Pearce uncovered the name of her collaborator on Monday (June 5). She’s releasing a duet with Chris Stapleton!

Here’s Everything We Know About Carly Pearce & Chris Stapleton’s Duet

Pearce started off her announcement by sharing the meaning behind “We Don’t Fight Anymore.” She said:

This song embodies a place that I think, if we are honest with ourselves, we’ve all felt at some point in a relationship. The distance that feels heartbreaking, yet you’re also indifferent. I’ve always been a writer who never wanted to shy away from the ‘uncomfortable’ moments in all of our lives, and this song feels too important not to share.

Pearce went on to praise Stapleton, saying this was a dream duet. “@chrisstapleton, you made my dreams come true by lending your incredible talents to this song,” she said. The duet is surely extra meaningful to Pearce since both she and Stapleton are from Kentucky.


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Pearce shared that “We Don’t Fight Anymore” is being released on June 16. You can pre-save the song now while you wait for it to drop.

In the meantime, head below to listen to Pearce’s collaboration with another Kentucky-born country music legend, Patty Loveless. Loveless was the featured vocalist on Pearce’s “Dear Miss Loretta,” which honors another Kentucky native, Loretta Lynn.

Who else can’t wait to hear Pearce’s new duet with Stapleton?