Carly Pearce Faces Criticism Over Last-Minute Concert Cancellation

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Country music artist Carly Pearce is facing criticism and demands for a refund after canceling her scheduled performance in Jeffersonville, Indiana last Saturday due to concerns about inclement weather.

The city officials, who were eagerly awaiting the show as part of their “Jammin’ in Jeff” series, were left disappointed and infuriated when Pearce decided to cancel the performance, citing safety concerns. However, her camp has presented a different side of the story, leading to conflicting accounts of what transpired.

The weather forecast for Saturday indicated a potential for storms around 10 pm, which ultimately materialized later in the evening. Jeffersonville officials claim that they proposed several alternatives to Pearce to ensure the concert could proceed safely, including starting the show early to allow sufficient time for both the performance and packing up before the storms arrived. Robert B. Morrison, a member of the setup crew, confirmed that dismantling the stage took less than two hours once the decision to cancel was made.

Carly Pearce’s Statement On Cancelling The Show

Carly tweeted to her fans and the city letting everyone know that the show was canceled.
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According to Jeffersonville authorities, Pearce’s team made the decision to cancel at 6 pm and rejected any alternative plans. Furthermore, when asked to return the performance fee, Pearce’s camp invoked a contract provision that allows her to keep the fee in the event of a cancellation due to “an act of God.” The city officials also revealed that they had spent approximately $20,000 to accommodate Pearce’s songwriters and support staff, in addition to incurring other expenses related to the cancellation.

Expressing his disappointment, Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore referred to the situation as “disheartening.” The city attorney also issued an official statement on Facebook, expressing disappointment in Pearce’s decision and the refusal to perform earlier for the sake of safety.

Carly Pearce’s publicist, on the other hand, disputed the claims made by Jeffersonville officials. In a statement to WHAS11, the publicist asserted that the decision to cancel was a collective one, emphasizing the safety concerns expressed by various parties involved, including local law enforcement and city staff. They clarified that there was never a request for Pearce to perform earlier since the weather remained a potential threat. The presence of lightning was particularly significant since the stage was located on a barge in the river.

The city, advised by its legal department, declined to offer any additional statements at this time. The jurisdiction of the matter was deemed to lie with city officials by the Jeffersonville Police Department.

The incident has sparked a division of opinion in Jeffersonville and beyond. While some defended Pearce’s decision, highlighting the importance of prioritizing safety, many of her fans rushed to show their support.

Commenting on Facebook, one fan stated, “It was a free show. Canceling a show due to potentially very dangerous weather is the right thing to do for herself, her band and crew and equipment, and, more importantly, her fans.” Others suggested that Jeffersonville should work on their public relations to address the backlash.

In light of past incidents, such as the tragic stage collapse during a Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair in 2011, which resulted in multiple fatalities, concerns for safety during severe weather have understandably increased. However, the Jeffersonville Riverfront stage, being a more permanent structure on a river barge, lessens such worries.

While Carly Pearce’s camp has not discussed any future plans for rescheduling the performance, her post to Twitter shows that there remains a possibility that the show will be held at a later date in Jeffersonville.

For now, the people of Jeffersonville are left awaiting further updates, pondering the possibility of seeing their favorite country star on their stage sometime in the future. As the story unfolds, fans and critics alike can only hope for a resolution that satisfies everyone involved.

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