Busch Beer Teases Crocs Cowboy Boots

@BuschBeer / Twitter

Some cowboys like to come home and take their boots off to put on a pair of comfy Crocs.

The Offical Twitter account for Busch Beer shared a photo on the platform teasing their followers with a pair of Crocs that are molded in the shape of cowboy boots.

“Tell us this isn’t genius,” Busch Beer‘s caption read on Twitter.

According to the image, the Busch Beer Crocs are perforated knee-high brown rubber boots that have traditional pointed soles with bottoms that look like the classic clog silhouette of Crocs, but with slightly raised heels like boots.

They even had Jibbitz charms, which included three Busch beers, an apple, and black lettering outlined in white, reading “Bad Day to Be a Busch Light.”

People in the comments passionately let the brand know that they need the boots in their possession right now, if not sooner.

However, the photo was not real, it was a digitally altered image and the boots aren’t actually in production — at least, not yet.

 “@Crocs if only…” Busch Beer wrote on Twitter towards Crocs.

Hopefully, with Busch Beer sharing the brilliant idea, it will spark Crocs to actually make the people’s dreams come true.

Crocs have already dominated the market for clogs, sandals, and sneakers. It appears the people have spoken and it’s time for Crocs they dominate the market for boots too.

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