Babylon Bee Issues Hilarious Parody About Bud Light Controversy

@TheBabylonBee / Twitter

The Babylon Bee has released a new comedic masterpiece mocking the recent Bud Light controversy and the company’s desperate attempts to win back their customer base.

In a sheer stroke of genius, The Babylon Bee suggests that Bud Light create cans adorned with mullets to appeal to the beer company’s countrified and overly male fan base. Because, you know, nothing says “come back to us, old customers” like a can with business in the front and a party in the back.

In the parody piece, Stacey Mulberry-Saffron, Bud Light’s Marketing Director, explained that they truly understand their customers. Apparently, they conducted focus groups and surveys on social media to gather all the essential data. And voila! Mullets emerged as the winning idea.

The Marketing Director mentioned a few other ingenious ideas that were almost chosen.

Other potential “winners” include: raw meat in every can, a touch of Ted Nugent saliva for that extra kick, a camouflage can (perfect for those hunting trips), and even a chewing tobacco flavor.


And while these ideas may not have made the final cut for the mullet campaign, the Marketing Director hasn’t ruled out using them in the next Super Bowl commercial, The Babylon Bee jokingly said.

I can already picture the dramatic slow-motion shots of people cracking open cans filled with raw meat. Ah, the magic of advertising! But hey, not everyone is on board with Bud Light’s mullet makeover.

The Babylon Bee said, one customer from their focus groups expressed his excitement, exclaiming, “I’s just rarin’ to get my paws on a gut-chuggin’ can o’ that Bud Light after…uhh, not drinkin’ it for 27 days straight!”

Well, there you have it, folks. Another hilarious parody from The Babylon Bee, stirring up some laughter and maybe even inspiring a few real marketing campaigns along the way.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be cracking open a can of Bud Light with an actual mullet attached. Until then, let’s raise our imaginary mullet cans and toast to the wonderful world of parody!