Brittany Aldean Shares First Photos Of New House & Everything Looks Gorgeous

Brittany Aldean / Instagram

A Lot Of Life Changes In The Aldean Family

This summer was full of big announcements from Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany.

The first of the announcements came on July 10, when the couple revealed that they are expecting their second child together. Jason and Brittany took to Instagram to share the happy news, each posting the same photo of their then seven-month-old son Memphis wearing a “Big Brother” onesie.

Here we go again!” Brittany wrote in the caption to her photo.

A month later, the couple revealed that they’re expecting a girl this time around. They shared the news from a gender reveal video Brittany posted to Instagram.

Jason and Brittany already knew the baby’s gender at the time, but wanted to surprise Jason’s daughters Keeley and Kendyl with the news.

The girls lined up to bat balls pitched to them by Brittany and Jason, which released a cloud of pink dust when they were hit.

But baby news wasn’t the only exciting thing that Brittany and Jason had to share over the summer.

A New Start At A New Home

As Brittany revealed on Instagram the day after her pregnancy announcement, she and Jason have started building a new home.

At the time, she only had a picture of the land to share, but it was clear from just that one photo that the Aldeans’ new home is going to be beautiful.

Looking at the land it’s hard not to envision a place where our babies will run, laugh and play with each other for so many years to come…” she wrote. “I can hardly wait to hear those little feet running down the halls.”

Some time passed since Brittany last filled fans in on the progress being made at the new home. Finally, she provided a long-awaited update on Tuesday (October 30), when she shared the first photos that actually show part of their house.

While not much has been built yet, you can already tell just how gorgeous the Aldeans’ new home is going to be.

These Photos Are Breathtaking

One photo shows Brittany, Jason, and Memphis all standing together on a part of the house while they admire the sunset. The scene was stunning to witness.

The second photo is of just Brittany and Memphis, and shows a small portion of the house in the background.

You can tell from the look on little Memphis’ face that he was one happy baby! Brittany made this clear in the caption to her photo, writing, “Someone’s excited!

We can certainly understand Memphis’ excitement…his new home looks like it’s in a breathtaking location!

If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait to see what the Aldeans’ finished house looks like. But y’all will still have to wait a little while until everything is wrapped up.

In the meantime, admire the custom fish tank Brittany surprised Jason with at their current home. The big reveal was all part of the Animal Planet series Tanked, so they caught the whole thing on film!