Brett Eldredge Treats His Crush To Her First Shot Of Whiskey

Brett Eldredge/Instagram

Country hunk Brett Eldredge is one of the most sought after bachelors in Nashville. After recruiting Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson to star in his music video for “The Long Way,” fans were hopeful that the two would make it official. But, Eldredge was quick to shoot down rumors that they were dating.

“No, we’re not dating, she’s just a good friend,” he told Taste of Country. “I saw her on Instagram and I saw all of her stories and just her energy, she’s just a great person. I just loved who she is, what she stands for, her whole story, her personality.”

“Literally, I just love everything she stands for, and I thought she would be amazing for this video if somehow we could get her to do this and she was like all about it,” Eldredge added. “I just thought she’s the kind of person that you’re looking for in this kind of song, just a good heart, a great person, beautiful soul.”

Their chemistry was undeniable, but both insist that they were simply good friends.

In an interview with, Eldredge revealed what he’s looking for in a partner.

“What I’m kind of looking for is to find that soul deep kind of person, with an amazing heart that I could really get to know and probably take it slowly,” said Eldredge. “Just kind of take the long way around the town – that’s kind of where I am in life. So I’m definitely more open to it than I ever think I was, and I’m not afraid to talk about that.”

While Eldredge waits for his Miss Right, he did share that he has a “#1 crush” and he shared a special moment with her during a recent concert. In a video posted to Instagram, Eldredge invited 80-year old Marge on stage to taste her first shot of whiskey.
“Meet Marge, my #1 CRUSH!? this was her first time ever having whiskey,” Eldredge captioned the adorable post.
Watch the sweet moment Brett Eldredge shared with his crush Marge in the video below.