Brad Paisley Sings “Hello Darlin'” In A Nod To Conway Twitty (left)/ (right)

If he’s not melting your heart with his coy smile alone, this country rendition is sure to do it! Brad Paisley has been taking the country music world by storm since his first number one hit, titled “He Didn’t Have To Be,” back in 1999.

With songs like “Waitin’ On A Woman,” “Letter To Me,” and “We Danced,” it’s no secret that Paisley has quite the knack for eliciting emotional and tearful reactions from his fans.

However, this was definitely an emotional performance that no one had expected.

Back in September 2009 in a CMT captured clip, Paisley is seen on a dimly lit stage. He breaks his audiences’ applause uttering the simple words “Hello, darlin‘,” setting the audience in an eruption of cheers.

The band leisurely commences the music and we are introduced to the familiar tune of Conway Twitty‘s classic single “Hello Darlin’.” The 1970 classic has become a country standard taken on by some of the best in country music, including country legend George Jones and newer country favorite Scotty McCreery.

Needless to say, it’s a country must.

This sweet serenade carried by Paisley’s classic twang is enough to make you revisit any past heartbreak that left you with a box of chocolates and countless packs of tissues. 

Paisley ends his heartfelt performance with a soft expression and a humble bow. Check out this one of a kind tribute for yourself.