Boaters Film Armadillo Swimming In Lake To Escape Texas Heat

Inks Lake State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife / Facebook

Armadillos usually live in places with hot temperatures and wildlife officials say even though it’s rare to see them swimming, they definitely do it to cool off. With the summers in Texas being extremely hot, one armadillo was caught on camera escaping the heat by jumping into the lake at Inks Lake State Park.

Inks Lake State Park in Texas shared a video of the armadillo swimming in the lake you can view below.

“Did you know that armadillos love to swim? Because of their heavy shells, they don’t float well, but they can gulp air into their intestines, making them more buoyant. They can dog-paddle at the surface, or walk along the bottom of streams or ponds, holding their breath for 4-6 minutes!” Inks Lake State wrote on Facebook.

Another time an armadillo was reported being seen swimming in Texas was two years ago, in July 2018. The armadillo decided to spend the afternoon in a swimming pool while the landlords were on vacation. It definitely goes to show that animals have a similar mindset when it comes to cooling off on a hot day. They just want to cool off in the water.

Watch The Video Below Of Armadillo Swimming Across Bay