Blue Angels Pilot Gives Sky-High View Of Nashville

JoshBreslowWKRN / Twitter

The past few weeks, the US Navy’s Blue Angels have been performing fly overs in cities all across America in support of COVID-19 frontline workers.

The Washington Post interviewed a Senior Military official who said, “This is just a sincere thank you. It’s one way to acknowledge those who are pitching in.”

They have done flyovers in Nashville, Little Rock, Jacksonville, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Nashville, Detroit, Chicago, and Indianapolis, just to name a few!

These flyovers are part of what the Blue Angels are calling “America Strong.”

Along with incredible photos and videos of the flyovers from folks on the ground, the pilots have also been taking video of what some of the cities look like from their perspective.

To stay up to date on where the Blue Angels are flying over as part of their “America Strong” initiative, click here.

Watch the video below, which was taken during the “America Strong” flyovers in Texas and New Orleans.

On Thursday, May 14, 2020, the Blue Angels hit two cities: Nashville and Little Rock, as announced on their official Facebook page.

One pilot who was flying over Nashville made sure to record a video from inside the cockpit to give everyone a view of what he sees!

Check out the stunning video taken while flying over Nashville below.