Blake Shelton Thinks Men Who Wear Flip Flops ‘Aren’t Willing To Help’

TODAY / YouTube

While on a press tour in New York, Blake Shelton stopped by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon where he revealed that a few years back, he and Kelly Clarkson made Adam Levine cry for a hysterical reason.

He continued bringing the funny while appearing on the Today Show with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford.

While sitting between the two hosts, they played a gamed called “Blake or Fake?” where they’d state facts about the country singer. Kotb and Gifford would have to guess if the fact was true by holding up an image of Shelton, or false by holding up an image of Kotb dressed up as Shelton for Halloween in 2017.

The facts included how Shelton got his start performing in beauty pageants, if he’s shared a kiss with The Voice host Carson Daly, if he’s had sushi again since his hilarious bit with Jimmy Fallon, and his stance on flip-flops.

While he pretty much gave yes or no answers to the first few, there was one fact that got his feathers ruffled – men wearing flip-flops.

“A man that wears flip flops isn’t willing to help,” he exclaimed. “Just in general. He can’t. What’s he going to do in an emergency? Who’s he going to carry out of a room? He can’t, he’s got to worry about his feet? What if there’s a fire? He’s gotta worry about his feet!”

Kotb and Gifford burst into laughter after finding out about Shelton’s harsh distaste for the comfortable footwear.

Watch the funny bit go down in the video below.

He recently doubled down when he spoke about his distaste for men in flip flops on The Voice. watch that below.